Situated in the small village of Easton the school has 77 pupils on roll. Rated by Ofsted as GOOD in September 2017 the school offers a wide curriculum with a huge variety of sports, music and wider opportunities. As a small school all the children are well known by the staff and the children work together to put on whole school performances at Christmas and in the Summer. Rated top of the league tables in 2016 and scoring well above National averages in attainment at the end of Key stage 2 the school is a thriving part of the community and the Trust.


Leiston is a large coastal school with 286 pupils on roll including a nursery. The school offers pupils a huge range of opportunities as well as excellent teaching. Rated as GOOD by Ofsted in November 2017 the school is a vital part of the local community and is extremely well supported. The pupils at Leiston are passionate about their school and love to learn and they are really well provided for in all areas of their development. Progress data for our children is high and attainment is rising.

Wickham Market

Situated in the small village of Wickham Market this school has 158 pupils on roll including a nursery. Rated GOOD by Ofsted in October 2017 the school offers children a broad curriculum and caters well for all the needs of the children within it. The school works closely with families to ensure that learning continues when the school day ends. The school is a strong part of the local community with a highly successful nursery. 


Aldeburgh is a new member to the group, converting in May 2017. It is a small coastal school rated as GOOD by Ofsted in 2014 and serves the famous seaside town of Aldeburgh. With 94 children on roll the school has four classes of mixed age pupils and has strong connections with the local community.