To raise the prole of the subject in our schools and with children of all ages we have recently set up a science lab with the help of the Ogden Trust in our Wickham Market school. Children across the school have science lessons in the lab which is constantly developing to emulate a ‘real’ science lab. Children from Academy schools can access the lab as we have a minibus for academy use which is used to transport them.


Leiston is our leading school in Thrive with a group of staff trained to deliver this programme which can be hugely beneficial to children who may be struggling with social and emotional elements of learning. This training is shared with the other schools with further plans to widen the impact across the academy in the coming year.

Forest schools

Wickham Market delivers the forest school curriculum to all pupils from Reception to Year Six. Trained staff deliver the course in the extensive school grounds.

11 before 11

For some of our schools a program of visits and experiences designed to raise aspirations and raise expectations are in place for our children. This program ensures that all children will have done 11 set things by the time they leave the school and may include: Visiting the capital city, attending a classical concert, visiting a university and eating in a restaurant for example. This has a huge impact in children’s enthusiasm for work in the classroom and therefore has supported better progress and attainment.


As a group of local schools we are able to offer a full time sports coach and an annual programme of sporting fixtures to support improvement in sport, competition and experiencing different sports. We provide the range of school sports including football, hockey, dance etc as well as a wider offer of Yoga, archery and orienteering for example.


We are very proud to offer all children in our schools the opportunity to learn a musical instrument for a year of their time in primary school which is funded by the school. Pupils can have access to an instrument free of charge for this time and can continue to have group lessons at a small charge after the first year. We have opportunities for the children to take a variety of lessons across the academy including guitar, violas and drumming.


All children have access to a range of hardware in all schools that are designed to aid learning in all subjects as well as to ensure that children are able to excel in the area of computing itself.
Tablet and laptop technology are commonly used as are programs that support coding, creating auras, virtual reality and much more. With any new technology learning through play is encouraged both with adults and children and sharing expertise is used to maximise the potential of any new hardware, apps or software. With this approach children quickly use this effectively and appropriately to demonstrate or develop their learning.