Leadership across Avocet Academy Trust

Cheryl Singleton is the CEO and works closely with the Trust Board and the Learning Director to set the direction and strategy for the Trust. Heads of Schools are in place in each school and are charged with the day to day management of the schools as well as meeting the teaching, learning and welfare needs of all the pupils. This is done with as much support from the Trust as possible and resources and costs are shared to give the pupils as much as we can. They also put in place and deliver school development plans and monitor how the budget is used to best meet the needs of the children. All our school leaders work together and are held to account by the LGBs and the Learning Director, Joanne Stanley-Bell. As our heads of schools become more experienced they take the role of school Principal and take a bigger role in steering academy direction as well as supporting other school leaders. 


Cheryl Singleton  Jo Stanley Bell

Cheryl Singleton


Joanne Stanley-Bell

Director of Learning


School leaders:

Mr J Ratcliffe - Principal Aldeburgh Primary School

Mrs M Box - Head of School Easton Primary

Mrs M Geater - Head of School Leiston Primary

Mrs H Murray - Head of School Wickham Market Primary

Mr E Pearson-Shaul - Head of Saxmundham Primary