How We Work

All our schools are individual and have their own governing body and school leader. The Trust is committed to providing support for school leaders so that they can focus entirely on the teaching, learning and welfare of pupils in their schools. We share policies around HR, finance and other areas but all schools set their own curriculum, behaviour and other policies to ensure that they best meet the context of the schools and the pupils within them. The Trust is of the opinion that the school leaders and governors know their school and how to best meet the needs and they offer challenge as well as support in this area. Where more support is needed, for example if pupil outcomes decline, the Trust uses the expertise across all the schools to get the rapid improvement required. Our senior staff work closely together and share successes as well as challenges on a regular basis. Where best practice is identified and shared it is often widely adopted by school leaders. 

Where possible we remove all non educational elements of leadership so that it is dealt with by the central support team. this may include premises maintenance and compliance, non curriculum based training, HR, procurement and many other elements. This frees up school leaders to focus on the children and the provision and outcomes for them. 

Autonomy in schools is key to success and must be accompanied by strong accountability. All leaders in the Trust are highly accountable including the CEO and Executive Principal who oversee the teaching and learning and direction of the Trust. 

All our schools are different as are our leaders but they all work collaboratively and offer so much to the Trust as well as drawing as much support from it as they can.

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