Who are Avocet Academy Trust?

Avocet Academy Trust was formed in November 2014 by three schools in Suffolk: Leiston Primary School, Easton Primary and Wickham Market Primary School. In 2017 Aldeburgh Primary School converted to the Trust followed by Saxmundham Primary School in November 2018.

Avocet was formed as the three original schools started working closely when the two head teachers took on the third school. Best practices across all three schools were rapidly shared, governors worked together and the staff trained and collaborated together regularly. It was clear for all parties that this was the best way of bringing about rapid improvement and meant that our staff were able to work with colleagues doing the same job which was not always possible when you work in a small school. Avocet is a small MAT by National Standards and we have made the most of any financial savings that we have made by working together. We have been able to set up shared resources which range from a minibus to shared staff members delivering specific areas of expertise. 

We have been able to promote staff and grow leaders to work within the group. Traditionally we would have lost good staff as they progress in their career. This has enabled the trust to continually benefit from fantastic staff in an area that has traditionally been hard to recruit in. 

Now with five good schools we are looking to grow and bring in more expertise to our group as well as gain the capacity to share more services and offer more opportunities for our pupils.