About Us

Aims and Objectives

Avocet Academy Trust is based on the principle of collaboration being the vehicle of improvement in teaching, learning and leadership. Our schools are all very individual and as a Trust we welcome this difference as it provides challenge to staff and leaders about how we operate and the decisions that we make. Most importantly this enables us to pass this experience onto our pupils to develop within them an openness to ideas and strategies outside their normal scope.

We aim to educate children to welcome a challenge rather than see a problem, to equip them with the tools for learning and to help them to understand that they are the most important factor in shaping their learning and progress. 


Our Vision and Values

Our vision centres on the child. The way we ensure everything centres on the child is through our core values: Collaboration; Diversity; Responsibility, Enrichment, Inclusion and willingness to question perceived norms. We believe that this enables children to excel in whatever they do.

Avocet MAT is based on a set of values that determine all actions and decisions made throughout the Trust. All of these values are centred around the child to ensure that they have the perfect platform from which to grow.

With all decisions and actions based around these core values we are able to deliver an education which takes into account the needs of the different pupils, schools and communities in which they serve.